Midway Auto Group operates five distinct, yet connected businesses – creating effective synergy across product lines and building in cost and customer service advantages in the process. Rental, Leasing, Sales, Supply – all interconnected transportation solutions. A unique automotive services company.

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Midway Car Rental

Midway was founded on the values of relationships and personalized service....

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Midway Group

The Midway Group is dedicated to achieving the mission of our clients and d...

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Midway Leasing

Midway Fleet Leasing is focused on providing vehicles and leasing options t...

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Midway Car Sales

Midway Car Sales is located in Los Angeles. We service customers throughout...

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The Midway Executive Team is a mature, experienced group of professionals managing the five MAG Business Operations: Midway Car Rental, Midway Group, Midway Leasing, Midway Auto Resale. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. with over 200 employees dedicated to the Midway businesses.

Bret Hankey

President of Hankey Group/Principal

[email protected]

Gary Macdonald


[email protected]

Ken Kerzner

Managing Partner

[email protected]

Serena Ho

Corporate Controller

[email protected]

David Smith

Vice President

[email protected]

Ken Sopp

Chairman & MGP, CULA

[email protected]

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